Rotten Apples- Word Building

Rotten Apples- Word Building Description

Rotten Apples is a word building game. It consists of 10 word trees, plus a blank tree that you can use as a template to add your own word families, as well as 2 sets of consonant, blends, and digraphs apples. A Student would place a word tree on the playing surface and then uses a set of apples to create new words.  For example if a tree has the word an, the student could add the apple with a “b” to make the word ban.  If the consonant, blend, or digraph added, makes a new word the student adds the apple to the top of the tree and records the word on a sheet of paper.  If the consonant, blend, or digraph does not make a new word, then the apple is placed at the bottom of the tree because it is a “rotten apple”. This game is aligned to the ARC IRLA 1B LEVEL ZONE1.

Grade Level
1st 2nd
english Reading
ARC IRLA Aligned