Blue Pencil Homophone Match

Blue Pencil Homophone Match Description

Blue Pencil Homophone Match is a homophone card game. It consists of 15 word cards and 15 meaning cards. It can be played two different ways, either as a “Go Fish” type game or as a Memory game. In the “Go Fish” type game, each student would take 5 cards from the top of the deck. The students would then take turns asking either, “Do you have the meaning of “break” spelled “b-r-e-a-k”?”. Or, “Do you have a word that means “to shatter?””.They would then collect the correct card or choose from the deck as appropriate.  In the Memory game, students can mix up the cards and place them face down on a playing surface. They can then take turns turning over two cards at a time in order to try to find a match. NOTE: DIFFERENT WORDS FROM OTHER PENCIL HOMOPHONE GAMES.This game is aligned to the ARC IRLA Level 2B.

Grade Level
1st 2nd
english Reading
ARC IRLA Aligned