Blue Birds

Blue Birds Description

Blue Birds is a self correcting homophone card game. It consists of 42 homophone question cards, 48 game tokens, and 1 answer card. A student would choose a homophone card from the stack of cards, tell the other players the number written on the card, and read the sentence printed on the card. She would then choose the correctly spelled homophone to complete the sentence, being sure to state the letter . Another player would use the enclosed answer card to check the students answer and award a token if the answer was correct. Students collect tokens for each card answered correctly ( A one point token for a two choice answer or  2 point token for a 3 choice answer). The winner is the student with the most tokens at the end of the game.  This game is aligned to the ARC IRLA Level 2B.

Grade Level
1st 2nd
english Reading
ARC IRLA Aligned