About Us

Reading Games for Everyone was created when I realized that I could never find reading  games to use with my students, that focused on the skills groups I needed.

I would often find myself searching the internet for games, and often having to adapt them for my own needs.  Many times, I ‘d just grab some cardstock, cut it into cute shapes, and create my own games to use with the children.

Throughout the years,  I have been a reading specialist for 21 years, my co-workers would see my “hand-crafted” games and ask where they could find them.  I’d explain that they couldn’t find them because I made them myself. It bothered me when I would see them walk away in disappointment.

I decided to help them, and other teachers, by saving my games to files that could be printed out. It was also a big help to me, because I could reprint games that had been loved just a “little bit too much”.  It is here, at Reading Games for Everyone, that I have decided to share my games with other teachers throughout the world. Please take the time to browse through all of the games. I am slowly beginning to place them into categories.  Feel free to send me comments and suggestions for how to improve these games, or suggestions for new games you’d like to see.

Wishing you all the best,

Leigh-Ann Plante